A Tell Tale Vlog is a comedy series by Shipwrecked Comedy in which Edgar Allan Poe struggles with his writing, his self-worth, and Lenore, the lady-ghost who haunts him.

The original run consists of seven vlog-style episodes narrated alternately by Poe and Lenore, a stand-alone short called Socially Awkward Poe in which Poe buys girl scout cookies from a girl who is possessed by Lenore, and two Draw My Life videos, one each from Poe and Lenore. An additional video, A Tell Tale Birthday, posted during the run of Shipwrecked Comedy's later series, Kissing in the Rain, features Mary Kate Wiles as Annabel Lee, who Poe appears to have a crush on.

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The cast of A Tell Tale Vlog includes:

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Shipwrecked Comedy's Kissing in the Rain includes two episodes with references on ATTV. Episode 4 features Sean Persaud as Poe and Mary Kate Wiles as Annabel, and Episode 8 features Sinead Persaud as Lenore and Sairus Graham as John Proctor.

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