All For One is a web series created by Cherrydale Productions and airing on KindaTV. It is modern adaptation of The Three Muskateers by Alexander Dumas. The main character, Dorothy Castlemore, is a Class of 2019 freshman at Dumas College, who is desperately hoping to be chosen for the sorority Mu Sigma Theta.

Cast Edit

  • Gwenlyn Cumyn as Dorothy Castlemore
  • Alejandra Simmons as Alex Silleg
  • Xavier Lopez as Henry Abscale
  • Claire Gagnon-­King as Portia Vallon
  • Dan Mousseau as Miller Winters
  • Linnea Currie-Roberts as Connie Bonacieux
  • Denise Yuen as Jeane Treville
  • Damien Doepping as Owen Rochefort

Episodes Edit

All For One (Episodes)

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