No. Title Description Runtime Airdate
1 Best Foot Forward Freshman Dorothy Castlemore is not having a good day. A fresh black eye, a douchey mortal enemy getting in her way and nobody around she can punch. At least she has the internet and a cute new roommate to help cheer her up!
6:10 March 7, 2016
2 Flying Off the Handle Dorothy has decided which sororities, er, sorority she's going to pledge and makes some unwise choices. Unwise? Unwise. 6:00 March 7, 2016
3 A Meeting of Minds Dorothy has made some...interesting new friends. Although their sorority skills are great, they have a lot to learn about the internet before they're ready to save anyone. 4:49 March 7, 2016
4 Gentleman Caller Meet Dorothy's new boy. And his baggage. 5:25 March 9, 2016
5 What's Your Preference? Dorothy is a shoe-­in for a bid to MST. Or so she thought. Oh sweet summer child. 4:35 March 11, 2016
6 Nothing is Good and Everything Hurts How do you solve a problem like Dorothy­Blob? How do you catch a cloud and use it to cheer up your friend who is in the depths of despair because she feels like her life's dreams are over? 6:42 March 14, 2016
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