Carmilla is a web series based on the 1872 novella of the same name by J. Sheridan Le Fanu. The series is produced by Toronto-based company Smokebomb Entertainment and began airing on August 19th 2014, with Season 2 following from June 2nd 2015.

The series follows the adventures of Silas University freshman Laura Hollis, who documents her journey in a series of vlogs as she navigates the perils of her mystical university and delves into the mysteries surrounding her.

Season one begins with the unexplained disappearance of Laura's room mate Betty. The plot thickens with the arrival of replacement room mate Carmilla and the news that Betty is not the first girl to vanish in recent months. Laura, along with friends Danny Lawrence, Lola Perry and LaFontaine, sets out to solve the puzzle of the missing girls and to uncover the truth about the enigmatic Carmilla.

Cast Edit

  • Elise Bauman as Laura Hollis
  • Natasha Negovanlis as Carmilla Karnstein
  • Annie Briggs as Lola Perry
  • Kaitlyn Alexander as LaFontaine
  • Sharon Belle as Danny Lawrence
  • Matt O’Conner as Wilson Kirsch
  • Aaron Chartrand as Will Luce and JP Armitage
  • Nicole Stamp as Melanippe Callis
  • Sophia Walker as Matska Belmonde
  • Shannon Kook as Theodore Straka
  • Ian D Clark and Baron Vordenberg
  • Breton Lalama as Sarah Jane
  • Lisa Truong as Natalie
  • Grace Glowicki as Betty

Transmedia Edit

Transmedia accounts on both twitter and tumblr provide new insights into some of the lead characters and their world, allowing the viewer to follow their journey outside of the main episodes.

Social Media Edit

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