From Mansfield with Love is a scripted, vlog-style webseries created by Foot in the Door Theatre. The series began airing on the 3rd December 2014 and continues to run. In addition to the series' episodes, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest are all used as supplementary transmedia elements.

The series brings Jane Austen's Mansfield Park to the modern day, changes Fanny Price to Frankie Price and the eponymous setting to a family-run hotel, but many of the locations used are still the towns and places mentioned in the source text.

Frankie Price is an overworked and undervalued assistant housekeeper at Mansfield: a large hotel owned by The Bertram Family. She begins sending video diaries to her older brother, recording her relationship with The Bertrams, especially her childhood friend Edmund, and the antics that ensue once a pair of street-wise siblings from Crawford Designs arrive to work on the hotel.

Cast Edit

The cast of From Mansfield With Love includes: