The Adventures of Serena Berg is a LGBTQ+ Literary-Inspired Webseries by Book Nerd Productions.

The series tells the story of Serena Berg, a tough transgender girl who kicks ass and takes names. She makes personal video diaries for her fraternity brother, who has moved to New York. When Serena’s best friend Roxanne falls for Chris, the new guy, she begs her to set the two of them up. Serena agrees, and finds herself wooing Roxanne through Chris. As time goes on, Roxanne must determine if Chris is really the one she’s falling in love with. Meanwhile, Serena is hiding a secret of her own, one that could change everything between her and Roxanne.


Kendall Chan as Serena Berg

Angela Sarabia as Roxanne Roberts

Jake Brewer as Chris Nelson

Emily Scott as Deena

Claire Dunn as Rags

Kristen Pizzo as Rosie

Nick Gallagher as Tony Grayson

Emanuel Morales as Victor

Christian Aguilera as Luke Nayer

Victor Chen as Brett

Daniel Hurst as Eddie

Aleks Jamison as Lissa

Leila Lahidji as Mikayla


Shawna Khorasani - Creator/Writer/Director/Editor

Elizabeth Stover - Cowriter/Co-Director/Co-Producer/Editor

Angela Sarabia - Editor/Production Assistant

Maitlyn Phan - Editor

Nicole Mericle - Graphic Design

Jules Pigott - Graphic Design

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