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Runtime Original


1 Cate and the Setting Off Into the Great Unknown Cate introduces herself and her fandoms, including the Mysteries of Udolpho, starring Henry Tilney; she calls her mother for information on the Allens 4:29 July 7, 2016
2 Cate and the Mystery of the Allens Cate gets a job at Persona magazine 4:02 July 14, 2016
3 Cate and the Case of Seriously Geeking Out Persona sends Cate to Comic Con 2:50 July 23, 2016
4 Cate and the Red in the Face Cate meets Henry Tilney at a Persona party at Comic Con 7:49 July 23, 2016
5 Cate and the Secret of the Airline Peanuts What happens after Cate's interview with Henry Tilney 6:09 July 24, 2016
6 Cate and the Mission of the Meddling Boss Cate discovers that her boss, Leslie Allen, ships her with Henry Tilney 4:07 July 28, 2016
7 Cate and the Ultimate Fangirling Cate has been assigned to interview Henry Tilney about his upcoming role as Patriot Man 2:15 August 4, 2016
8 Cate and the Thrill of a New Friend Cate's new co-worker Isabella Thorpe stops by to introduce herself 4:13 August 11, 2016
9 Cate and the Binge Watch Dilemma Isabella is more interested in teasing Cate about Henry Tilney than in watching the Mysteries of Udolpho 5:32 August 18, 2016
Bonus Cate Does an Office Tour! Cate does an office tour 1:52 August 23, 2016
10 Cate and the Rant Someone is belittling genre tv, and Cate is angry 3:51 August 25, 2016
11 Cate and the Bad Case of the Sniffles Cate is sick; Isabella calls to cheer her up 4:06 September 1, 2016
12 Cate and the New...Friend? Cate's brother James and Isabella's brother John arrive in LA 6:58 September 8, 2016
Bonus Henry Tilney Interview Cate's interview with Henry Tilney from Comic Con 2:49 September 13, 2016
13 Cate and the Attempt and Professionalism Cate talks with Eleanor Monk, Henry's publicist about the upcoming interview 5:15 September 15, 2016
14 Cate and the No Good, Very Bad Day Cate is having a bad day; Leslie comes to console her 4:52 September 22, 2016
15 Cate and the Chance Encounter While covering a movie premiere for Persona, Cate runs into Henry and Eleanor 5:43 September 29, 2016
16 Cate and the Pleasant Surprise John tries to get Cate to go with him to a vodka release party; Henry calls and much flirting ensues 7:18 October 6, 2016