The Late Nell Avery, also known as TLNA, is an original web series created by Somneerly Films and Abyssal Arts. Season one began airing on March 19th, 2015 and season two began airing on September 3rd, 2015 and is currently airing every Thursday. In addition to the episodes, there are Twitter and tumblr transmedia elements.

The Late Nell Avery follows a college student named Cassie, and Nell, the ghost who is haunting her. Cassie, sure that there’s a ghost in her room but without any proof, leaves her camera set up every night to record Nell. Nell takes that as an opportunity to vent to the camera, and then deletes the footage, but not before uploading her videos, plus some video blogs from Cassie, to the internet for everyone to see.

Cast Edit

  • Saige Holst as Cassie Clark
  • Andrea Cordova as Nell Avery
  • Jason McCall as Felix Rabinowitz
  • Tessa Ehrman as Corinne Thomas (Season 1)
  • Sam Chammas as Corinne Thomas (Season 2+)
  • Kate Wiggins as Molly

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