The Soliloquies of Santiago is a scripted webseries created by RJ Lackie and produced by Cycle 66, loosely based on William Shakespeare's Othello. It premieres on YouTube on July 31 2015, and its Act One run (episodes 1-20) concluded on October 2 2015. In addition to scripted episodes, the series supplemented the story through an in-series Twitter account.

The Soliloquies of Santiago centres on Jacob Santiago, a theatre student at Canada's Elizabeth College vying for the role of Hamlet in his senior year. Backed by henchman Rodrigo Souza, he manipulates all those around him - including director Morgan Othello, fellow actors Des Omah and Mike "Cass" Cassio, and his own sister Emily Santiago - in order to secure the role he believes was unjustly denied him.

Cast Edit

The cast of The Soliloquies of Santiago includes:

Episodes Edit

Act One Edit

Santiago Act One is twenty episodes long, airing from July 31 to October 2 2015.

No. Episode Title Episode Description Written By Directed By Run Time Original Airdate Captions & Subtitles
1x01 "I Am Not What I Am" Jacob and Rodrigo put a scheme into motion. RJ Lackie Juan Arce 9:24 Closed Captioning
1x02 "Foul Thief" Othello and Des scramble to control a scandal. RJ Lackie Juan Arce 5:28 Closed Captioning
1x03 "Coming Out 2K15" Othello and Des have a message for Othello’s fans. RJ Lackie Juan Arce 4:38 Closed Captioning.
1x04 "A Lust of the Blood" Jacob has an unexpected visitor. RJ Lackie Juan Arce 7:39 Closed Captioning
1x05 "We

Cannot All Be Masters"

Jacob and Rodrigo have a tense conversation about their partnership. RJ Lackie Juan Arce 3:55
1x06 "But My Revenge

Will Come"

Jacob’s sister Emily brings unwelcome news. RJ Lackie Juan Arce 6:00
1x07 "That I Did Love the Moor" Othello and Des discuss their plans for the future. RJ Lackie Juan Arce 3:10
1x08 "Drown Thyself" Jacob must soothe an angry ally. RJ Lackie Juan Arce 5:40
1x09 "Sweet, Not Lasting" Jacob and Emily read through a scene together. RJ Lackie Juan Arce 8:02
1x10 "That But Seem To

Be So"

Jacob rekindles a friendship, with mischief on his mind. RJ Lackie Juan Arce 6:04
1x11 "Attend On Her" Othello introduces Emily to Des. RJ Lackie Juan Arce 6:56
1x12 "The Wine She Drinks

is Made of Grapes"

Jacob makes

an impression

on Des.

RJ Lackie Juan Arce 8:55
1x13 "Mere Prattle, Without Practice" Jacob and Rodrigo prepare to attend a party. RJ Lackie Juan Arce 4:18
1x14 "By Seeming Otherwise" Emily and Des have a fun night together. RJ Lackie Juan Arce 14:18
1x15 "Nothing If Not Critical" Jacob advises Emily after she finds herself in an awkward situation. RJ Lackie Juan Arce 7:39
1x16 "Reputation, Reputation, Reputation" Othello and

Cass discuss what happened at the party.

RJ Lackie Juan Arce 6:52
1x17 "A World of Sighs" Des and Othello discuss Jacob. RJ Lackie Juan Arce 4:11
1x18 "I Know My Course" Des and Emily consider their respective futures. RJ Lackie Juan Arce 7:16
1x19 "Make My Fool My Purse" Jacob and Rodrigo's relationship evolves. RJ Lackie Juan Arce 11:58
1x20 "Hell and Night" Jacob delivers some bad news. RJ Lackie Juan Arce 8:11
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