The Spell Tutor is a web series created by writer/director Herman Wang, inspired by the works of J.K.Rowling. It takes place at Fenchurch Academy, a school of magic located in Southern Ontario, Canada.

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Season 1

  • Episode 1.1 "Trial by Water": In a world where magic is common and taught in schools, some students fare better than others.
  • Episode 1.2 "The Nest of the Calidor": A rare creature is found near the school grounds. What will the girls do with it?
  • Episode 1.3 "Retribution": Emma's life is changed forever by an unexpected tragedy.
  • Episode 1.4 "The Mirror of Mnemosyne": Borrowing a magical object from Parissia leads to troubling questions for Emma.
  • Episode 1.5 "Secrets of the Myrmex": Professor Caltain struggles to keep a secret from Emma.
  • Episode 1.6 "Emma and the Extraordinary Potion": Emma goes to desperate lengths to hide from the Myrmex Society.

Season 2

  • Episode 2.1 "Rebirth": Everyone has to deal with the fallout of the potion Emma drank.
  • Episode 2.2 "The Impossible Task": Professor Caltain presents Emma with a challenge.
  • Episode 2.3 "The Bargain": Professor Caltain attempts to resolve the danger to Emma on her own.
  • Episode 2.4 "Hiding in Plain Sight": Emma and Parissia investigate the Myrmex Society's secrets.
  • Episode 2.5 "Family Tree": Emma and her father finally have a heart-to-heart.
  • Episode 2.6: "Side Effects": The events surrounding Emma come to a head, with disastrous consequences.



  • Lawrene Denkers as Professor Grinlow Caltain
  • Jeri Leader as Emma Colden
  • Maria-Crystal Melo as Emma Colden
  • Alexandra Bayer as Parissia Thrym
  • Christopher T.A. Hall as Myrmex Leader Demirand
  • Crisencio Amiana as Myrmex Guard Tyree
  • Werner Artinger as Garrett Colden

Also appearing:

  • Roshawn Balgrove (Anteros Theyne)
  • Debi Brennen (woman in picture)
  • Michelle Fry (Rosetta)
  • Martin Huss (drunk man)
  • Laura Iaccino (woman in picture)
  • Nyiri Karakas (Tilla Colden)
  • Alex Kotsyk (flashback father)
  • Miriah LaPlante (drunk woman)
  • Christina Leonard (Young Grinlow Caltain)
  • Sarah Moore (Petra Poculum)
  • Jacob Reginella (young Myrmex Leader)
  • Taylor Jade Smyth (flashback mother)